Hey y’all! I'm Zia and The 1122 Co is my brand. (I am so proud to say that!)

I created 1122 in 2017 on a whim and it failed. Now, after taking many breaks and hiatus, I decided to bring the brand back but this time with way more inspiration.

1122 is somewhere at the intersection of self-care, luxury, art and fashion. We believe in the power of self-expression and its ability to heal. We believe in the transformative power of fashion and design. We'd like to imagine the world becoming better one free and healing person at time. 

We are a proud small black woman-owned business that respects and fully acknowledges everyone at all intersections of humanity! 

We’d like to think of our style as bold, expressive, and for anyone who likes to colour outside the lines! Sound good? Take a look at our carefully crafted handmade designs, thoughtful catch phrases, and unique apparel. And don’t worry, if you’re not the edgiest, we still have stuff for you!

It is our goal to inspire you to live out your wildest dreams with the fearless and daring culture of 1122.

Your support means so much to us.